About Ulta Medical

How we got started

Ulta Medical was established by Dr. Ben Quenzer, a board certified anesthesiologist. Dr. Quenzer has been training dentists and dental offices for medical emergencies for nearly a decade. During that period he began to notice some distinct performance challenges and inefficiencies related to the emergency medical kits that those offices were using. Over time, he decided to create a medical emergency kit that is designed to solve many of those issues and provide simplicity, efficiency, and quality.

Our Mission

We help our clients identify and manage their medical emergency needs.

Our goal is to partner with dental and medical offices to provide emergency supplies, advice, and expertise in order to help staff members increase their efficiency and confidence in emergency situations. In addition, we track expiration dates and provide auto-replenishment of medications as they expire. In essence, we want to make things easier on dental and medical offices by providing for their medical emergency needs.

Meet the Team

Ben Quenzer, MD
Board Certified Anesthesiologist
BLS, PALS, ACLS Certified
BLS Certified Instructor
Seth Barrus, MBA
VP Business Development
BLS Certified
Jennifer Canterbury, RDA
Account Manager
BLS Certified
BLS Instructor Certified
Faith Riffle, RDA
BLS Certified